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The Mathematics Department 1961-1977

In 1961, the Kumasi College of Technology achieved university status and was renamed Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Nkrumah was the president of the newly independent Ghana.

The Faculty of Science included the Department of Mathematics, a core part of the program of science studies at the new University. The emerging institution relied on a mix of expatriate and Ghanaian instructors and lecturers to achieve the standards of a first-rate African university.

Atu Mensa was one a few lecturers who had the requisite educational and intellectual background to help train the new crop of technocrats needed by the fledging nation. His teaching career began in 1961 as a lecturer in mathematics. He had a master’s degree in mathematics and by 1967, he was only one of three Ghanaians who held doctorate degree in mathematics from Oxford University.

During this tenure at the University, Atu Mensa taught many courses. He and his colleagues created the mathematics curriculum and mentored students and served as role models for future mathematicians in Ghana and Africa. The very few mathematicians in the country and West Africa at the time made him and his colleagues exceptional assets.

As the Department of Mathematics has expanded over the years, the rigor of the program of study is evidence of the foundational efforts by Dr. Atu Mensa and his colleagues during the early years when the University was established.